Lease Agreement

The Landlord and tenant agree to lease the apartment on these terms:

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  • 1. Lease is due on the first of the month. Please send to:

    Linda Louey
    P.O. Box 1769
    AMAGANSETT, N Y 11930
    Tel # 631-267-3280, Cell # 917-864-3766

    2. Departures are by 9AM. Tenants staying on a month-to-month basis must give 30 days advanced notice by email and have it acknowledged by the landlord. Departures are on the last day of the month, unless agreed upon in advance. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, the tenant must vacate on the Friday before by 9AM.

    3. Security will be returned within 3 weeks. Tenant may not apply the security to pay rent. Landlord may use security to pay amounts owed by the tenant, including damages and unpaid rent.

    4. Apartment is cleaned before the tenant arrives and must be left in the same condition when tenant leaves or attached list will apply. Tenant states the apartment is in good order. Tenant must inform landlord of any pre-existing damage within 2 days in writing.

    5. Tenant must inform landlord immediately of any condition which may cause damage to the apartment or injury to others. (Example: Leaks, Gas Smells, Etc.)

    6. Tenant is responsible for waiting for repair people if an appliance breaks. Tenant is only responsible for payment if tenant broke the item. Landlord is not responsible for any repair bills, unless approved by landlord in advance.

    7. No sheets, towels, blankets or pillows are supplied.

    8. The landlord supplies utilities.    Telephone, cable TV and internet are the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenant must turn off lights and A/C when not in the apartment. Tenant agrees to conserve energy.

    9. No Pets.

    10. No smoking allowed in the apartment, stairwells or building.

    11. There is free extermination every week. Providing access is the responsibility of the tenant, if needed.

    12. Tenant must follow all rules of the Apartment Corporation. Maximum Occupancy is 2 people.

    13. Landlord is not liable for loss, expense or damage to any person or property, unless due to landlord’s negligence. Tenant must pay for damages suffered and money spent by the landlord relating to any act or negligence of the tenant, tenant’s family or guests. Tenant agrees to have tenants insurance.

    14. Landlord may enter the apartment, upon 12 hour notice, to make repairs or to show to potential tenants.

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